Clearing your embarrassing browsing history will be much easier with this novelty from Google

Now we can delete the last 15 minutes of our browsing history quickly and easily.

One of the most outstanding presentations of the first day of Google I / O 2021 was that of Jen Fitzpatrick, who presented the new Google privacy policies, a series of measures by which we can navigate in a much safer way.

To achieve this, Google has incorporated a series of controls, among which one stands out that will facilitate the task of erasing our browsing history.

By means of a simple button we can erase the last 15 minutes of our search history

Clearing your browsing history has never been so easy

The American giant published on its official blog all the initiatives that are going to be carried out to improve the security of our data and one of the most useful is removing the last 15 minutes from our search history.

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And the best of all is that we can perform this task in a really fast and easy way, since only we must follow the following steps:

Access the Google application on your smartphone. Click on our profile picture, which is located in the upper right corner of the app Select the option Delete last 15 min.

Once this is done, all the searches we have made during that period of time will be deleted from our search history.

In addition to this interesting functionality, Google has also implemented other two measures that will allow us to keep our privacy safe.

The first one is a locked folder in Google Photos, a protected space within this application using an access code and in which you can save some photos separately.

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The second is the incorporation of location history reminders in your Google Maps timeline, so that, in this way, you are aware that you have activated said location history and that, at the same time, you can deactivate it from this same section of the Google maps application.

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