Clayton Kershaw asks for punishment if they do not find anything in the reviews of the pitchers

The launcher of Dodgers of the Angels, Clayton kershaw yielded statements about the reviews to the pitchers in the Big leagues. The southpaw asks punishment.

“I think there should be punishment otherwise they find nothing for the pitcher, “he said. Clayton kershaw, who seems to be not at all happy with what the commissioner of the Big leagues, Rob Manfred settled as a ruler.

Fernando Arreaza, renowned Venezuelan broadcaster who also covers the MLB, he wrote through his Twitter account that what he said is reasonable Kershaw about the new revisions to pitchers looking for some banned substance that allows them to have more grip on the ball in Big Show games.

If we analyze the subject, it makes sense what the launcher said Dodgers Los Angeles, because as well as the managers ask reviews towards the pitchers, they must have a point where if they do not find anything they would have to punishment so you don’t ask every time the strategists of the Big leagues wish, but be more objective.

Here is the report:

Here are the statements:

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