Claudia Rivera asks “fair play” to her opponents and opponents

Elvia Garcia

Puebla / 02.21.2021 10:51:22

Claudia Rivera Vivanco, current mayor of Puebla and who is seeking re-election, asked her opponents for measure, tolerance, respect, and above all a « Fair play and not dirty war » for the next elections on June 6. And he even recommended to his opponents to be « quiet ».

“They seek to get out of the shameful garbage dump they were in. I ask you to calm down, measure, tolerance and respect. The people of Puebla are sick of the media quagmire, « she said, assuring that she is on the right track in the fight against corruption, » and we will continue like this. « 

At a press conference, the morenista who was accompanied by the Secretary of Mobility, Eduardo Covián Carrizales, who regretted that there are systematic attacks against the mayor, through text messages, and insisted on the call of « Calm down » to Rivera’s opponents, although he did not mention names, he said he was sure they were from other parties and not from candidates of the 4th.

Rivera VivancoHe added that he has already filed the corresponding complaints against whoever is responsible for sending messages in his name, as well as the demarcation with the electoral institute.

« We do not know who did it, so we took on the task of summoning all applicants to have a fair game, » said Rivera Vivanco.

Finally, the mayor added that she will be respectful of the laws, so she did not clarify whether or not she will request a license to the position.