Claudia Pellicer (‘Acacias 38’): “My character gets into places where he shouldn’t, but he does it without wanting to”

Despite the fact that Televisión Española has decided to put an end to ‘Acacias 38’, the daily series of La 1 produced by Boomerang TV still has many surprises in store for us. One of them is the arrival of the actress Claudia Pellicer, where she plays a naive and innocent dancer who does things without any evil. She is also very happy and in love and although she wants to make people believe that she is tough, deep down she is a very sensitive girl.

Claudia Pellicer Headlines

« Claudia is a very innocent girl who everything she does is without evil, although she does not realize it » « Claudia, my character, is a lover of dance like the real Claudia » « She tries to pretend that she is very strong but she really is very sensitive «  » She gets into places where she shouldn’t be, but she does it unintentionally, she doesn’t realize it «  » Claudia is Azucena’s partner and they know each other at the dance academy, like Guillermo «  » I have my ballet coach which helped me a lot to prepare the character «  » The people are a love and the reception has been wonderful «  » My first day we had a lot of tute of filming, but the hard days are compensated by the quiet ones «  » I love the times, the costumes , the hair … If I had time I would always make that hair «  » Whenever we go to the set we do a PCR «  » We always wear a mask until the moment we start shooting «  » It was a shock to learn of the cancellation on Instagram, when he had also just entered «  » If something is leaving it is because something better arrives «  » At least I know what and until the last season I am!  » « Recording ‘Alba’ was wonderful; I play a character who tells her story »