“Classes? Impossible. They force us to leave universities”

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William Anseume, president of the Association of Professors of the Simón Bolívar University, spoke about the call to face-to-face classes announced by Nicolás Maduro:

“Maduro points out that now in March there will be face-to-face classes. That is not possible. We have decided it in the Fapuv, after careful analysis. Simply wishes collide violently with reality. It is not enough that they throw some tablets. Teachers don’t eat electronic gadgets. The truth is that there is nothing that allows us to think about the fulfillment of that order that some authorities also badly subscribe, who now, as in the USB, are looking to wash the face of the regime by also giving bonuses and trampling rights in the same way, « he said .

Anseume reiterated that there are no material, human or physical conditions to carry out virtual classes; neither the face-to-face ones.

“These are the salaries that long ago exceeded the limit of extreme poverty. Rounded the salary with the bonuses, they do not exceed 10 dollars a month. With this, the teacher is not even supported by food, it is not enough to cover expenses; less to support the family ”, he highlighted.

To that he added health risks that the teacher, the worker and the students must face due to the covid-19 pandemic. “The so-called official insurance does not exceed 5 million. That is nothing. One more joke. Academic staff must protect themselves and their family by paying for insurance. To cancel the collective insurance that we teachers have on our behalf in the USB it is necessary to leave the salary, the bonuses and find how to complete the payment, doing other extracurricular activities, « he said.

The teachers have been forced to drop out of classes and drop out of university to subsist and protect themselves, because the regime, Anseume continued, imposed that abandonment. “He put aside all labor responsibility. Reality, shocking as it is, as it is, is imposed on the regime of impositions, « he said.

“In the next few days we will meet again in the Federation. But if there is not a turn of attention to labor requirements in general, Classes of any kind or modality are impossible because the university students have to fight before for our subsistence. The abandonment of the university is also imposed and forms a substantial part of the destructive policy of this despotic, criminal regime ”, he concluded.