Clash Pique-Griezmann, Koeman appreciated

This week, FC Barcelona sank on its lawn, crushed by Paris Saint-Germain (1-4) as part of the knockout stages of the Champions League. A meeting marked in particular by the confusion between Antoine Griezmann and Gerard Piqué, who had criticized the French for his lack of defensive involvement, making remarks to say the least virulent. “Grizi” then did not hesitate to stand up to the Spanish defender.

“It’s good that there are people like that in the team”

An episode that sums up quite well the shipwreck experienced by the Blaugrana against Kylian Mbappé and others. However, it was necessary in addition to move Ronald Koeman who visibly appreciated this verbal joust in the middle of a game. “During a game, there are a lot of emotions and there are always things that some people do not accept. It’s good that there are people like that in the team ”, confided the Dutch technician in a press conference on Saturday, on the eve of receiving Cadiz in La Liga.

“I have no problem with that”

And to continue: “There are times of high tension and if that happens, I have no problem. I like this. It’s important to communicate. I don’t like it when you look at things silently while waiting for them to happen ”. Character, the Catalans will have to show it to redress the bar …

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