Clarissa Molina was caught in the middle of the shooting at the Aventura Mall in Miami

The Dominican and one of the darlings of the show UnivisionThe fat and the skinny”, Clarissa molina, he told his colleagues Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina details of the intense and chilling moments when she was caught in the middle of a shooting at the Aventura Mall from the city of Miami. The presenter said it happened moments of stress and panic while the incident lasted.

The actress and model says that it is not the first to happen to her. It would have happened to him on a previous occasion in Spain. Apparently and according to Clarissa, she was eating outside a restaurant when heard the shots. She told the friend that they better go inside the mall. She was afraid that if she ran to the car, one of the bullets would hit her. He said that everyone was running there and that he saw people who fell in the middle of the rush and from the nerves.

He explained that, apparently, two people who were inside the mall had a strong exchange of words and that these people supposedly drew weapons and that was when three shots were heard. Your partner, Raul de Molina, did not give credit for the fright and the danger that the Dominican lived. Clarissa said that she had already finished eating and was waiting for the bill. “My heart was scared“, He assured.

Clarissa was given the chance to record a video with her cell phone. On the other hand, it was actually known that there were three injured after the shooting. The event occurred at 4 in the afternoon on Saturday and, according to police sources, the discussion took place within the Hugo Boss store between two groups of people. While the altercation was going on, people ran in terror and hid in store closets while the police were looking for those responsible.

It was also confirmed that one of the armed persons managed to escape. But several witnesses offered their testimony to achieve his capture. In the same way, at the moment other people stopped. There are three injuries, but none seriously. Investigations are still in progress.

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