Clarissa Molina returned to Univision and with her wardrobe overshadowed Lili Estefan in El Gordo y la Flaca

Clarissa molina returned to the set of The fat and the skinny. The public was pleased to see her with Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan. However, it was evident that in terms of fashion, Instagram users felt a real predilection for the Dominican and it is that some even complained about the lines of Lili dress.

“Clarissa killed me your blouse, it looks spectacular on you”, “I love Clarissa’s outfit”, “Oh, how beautiful those clothes fit Clarissa”, “Clarissa Molina I love her outfit”, “Wow. At last in the studio @clarissamolina you are really missing ”. These were some comments that fans shared with this image of Lili, Raúl and Clarissa. Some even praised the outfit of Univision’s “El Gordito”.

It was in this video shared by the program on Instagram that fans complained about “La Flaca’s” outfit. Someone even asked the driver to change her dress, please. “That dress has me with a headache, all those skinny stripes change it,” they told Lili.

It should be mentioned that in this video you can also read this comment: “This program of pure lies will soon be over.” The message got a like and six replies. At these words, some have laughed, others say that it actually seems that this is what they have tried, but that they have not been able to with them. While another limited himself to highlighting the following: “They have heard that Raul De Molina is accused of touching women when they got into the jacuzzi and Univision is covering it up, as television stations always do.”

At the moment it seems that to the last message that we share here there is still no response.

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