Claressa Shields makes MMA debut with triumph

Claressa Shields He had before him one of his greatest challenges. Already considered one of the best female boxers in history, the the only woman capable of winning two Olympic golds and after becoming champion in two of the four main divisions in March, middleweight and super welterweight, debuted at dawn this Friday in an MMA cage so as not to disappoint anyone. “Muhammad Ali is the first and Claressa Shields the second. I am the greatest woman of all time, and 98 percent of the men in the world cannot beat me “, it said in March after unifying two different belts, and subsequently, he surprised the world last October by assuring that he was going to prepare for a migration to mixed martial arts. This morning, his time has come. It seemed but that the end was going to be different from their fights in boxing. Claressa was immobilizedHe had received many blows to the head. It seemed against the ropes. But the undefeated boxer resurfaced. In the Atlantic City Ocean Resort Casino, against Brittney elkin, Claressa made her debut with success, showing that she could have a great future in MMA as well.

“I’m not going to lose this fight,” he said before the fight. Three rounds later, he was winning with a powerful right hand that knocked his opponent down. “I feel like I’m dreaming. This is crazy”said the boxer, who held an 11-0 record in the ring before scoring her first MMA victory.

Claressa Shields wins MMA debut against Brittney Elkin

Shields began his MMA training in December at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shields calls herself GWOAT, the greatest woman of all time in boxing. And his hard preparation, against the clock, has allowed him to start his new adventure on the right foot.

His name, of much weight, did not help him to avoid displaying his inexperience in the first round, where Elkin seemed to gain starting ground. In the second, Shields received a strong right hand from his opponent. Pero Claressa managed to escape the setbacks at the end of the same round to wake up to go to victory in the third. Before that final round, at the end of the second he started hitting forehands to warn his opponent. And finally, in the third He threw himself on top of Elkin, who on the ground did not stop receiving blows from the greatest in boxing. There would come the triumph, the first of possibly many, although there is still a lot to progress in a new world for Shields.

“I kept hitting her, I kept hitting her. I said to myself, keep hitting her until she gives up, ”commented Claressa, who can now boast of having won her first MMA match.

Claressa Shields wins MMA debut against Brittney ElkinClaressa Shields wins MMA debut against Brittney Elkin

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