Claressa Shields debuts big in MMA: wins by TKO

When Claressa shields he gets into a boxing ring there is no doubt. The 26-year-old American is the only woman capable of achieving two Olympic golds and the only person who has used two different weight classes in rental boxing (middle and super welterweight). In that discipline, no one doubts her, but in a cage and with mitts things changed. ‘T-Rex’ had spent six months dedicated body and soul, at the Jackson Wink MMA in Albuquerque (where Jon Jones trains, among others) for its premiere in mixed martial arts.

He was doing it at a rising company like PFL and against a rival with a negative record. No conditioning factors mattered. His experience was nil and the chances of losing were high. This is what happened in the first two rounds. Her opponent, Brittney Elkin, is a brown jiu-jitsu belt and dominated her on the floor. Shields did not end up suffering, but clearly lost. In the third round, Claressa was asked to work on her feet, but her opponent obviously didn’t like the action.

Everything changed when they went to the ground. Shields managed to get into a safe position, kneeling and began to punch in the face of Elkin, who did not like the situation. Claressa smelled blood and squeezed until the referee stopped the fight when 1 minute 44 seconds had elapsed. Heart victory. “I’m dreaming. I never doubt my victory in boxing, but in MMA the feeling is as if I could lose the fight … just my attitude was that of not giving up,” he said very happy at the end. Shields broke the schemes and warned: his mind is on continuing to grow in MMA, although his idea is to have a boxing fight before the end of the year.

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