This Thursday, August 13, 2020, France 3 will broadcast the detective series Les Secrets, starring Claire Keim. The opportunity to review the career of the actress, but also to learn that she changed her name when she started in the industry.

At 45, Claire Keim still thrives as much in song as in comedy. If her father is an architect and her mother works as a dentist, the pretty blonde was quickly drawn to the seventh art. In order to pursue her dream, it was under the guidance of Catherine Jacob that Claire Keim was a student at Cours Florent from 1990 to 1991 before taking the drama course with Dominique Minot, from 1992 to 1993. To start her career as an artist, the star took her mother’s name. Indeed, Claire Keim is actually called Claire Lefebvre.

Passionate about theater, the actress began her career on the stage, in the musical Paul et Virginie, by Jean-Jacques Debout. If she has performed in five other plays, including recently, La Garçonnière with Guillaume de Tonquédec, she notably played in about twenty films. However, it was on television that Claire Keim revealed herself. After playing Cornelia Volvani in the mini-series Les Yeux d’Hélène, the actress continued the shootings. In 2004, she rose to fame by playing in TF1’s summer saga, Zodiaque. Since then, the pretty blonde has chained the shootings of series and is illustrated in Eternal, The Edelweiss, Unsuspected, The Secrets, and finally, Unfaithful. If her pretty voice allowed her to do dubbing, Claire Keim released an album in 2011. In addition, she has participated in Enfoirés since 2005.

Why does the passing time not scare him?

In 2019, it is in the columns of the supplement of the magazine Sud Ouest that Claire Keim confided that aging had helped him in his career. She explained as follows: “It is not easy for anyone to grow old. But I must admit that, since I took a little shovel, I have more interesting roles. I have progressed. I am more complicated, denser today than before. When you are a blank page, you can be pretty, you can be a good actress. But you are not necessarily interesting. I feel like now I can finally express something.

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2/12 – Claire Keim 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris 31 03 12

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3/12 – Claire Keim – Day 2 of the 18th international comedy film festival in Alpe d’Huez. January 15, 2015

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4/12 – 28/01/16 .Disney presents the Premiere Zootopie in Paris at Gaumont Marignan. Claire Keim

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5/12 – Cannes, 05/18/2014. “The Homesman” red carpet. 67th Cannes Film Festival. Pictured: Claire Keim

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6/12 – Celebrities at Roland Garros June 4th 2011 Claire Keim

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8/12 – Claire Keim performs during a concert given as part of “Foot-Concert” 2012 to benefit the association “Huntington Avenir” on October 13, 2012 at the Palais des Sports in Lyon.

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9/12 – photo call on the snow actress Claire Keim on the occasion of the Luchon festival on February 14, 2013

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12/10 – Claire Keim at the Roland Garros tournament 2017-Paris France-June 1, 2017. Claire Keim attends the french open 2017 at Roland Garros on june 1,2017 in Paris, France.


12/11 – NRJ Music Awards 2012’s Celebrities Arrivals in Cannes, South of France. 01/27/12. Claire Keim

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12/12 – 22 March, 2019: Claire Keim. Opening Ceremony of Series Mania International Film Festival in Lille, France. March 22, 2019: Claire Keim. Opening ceremony of the 2019 edition of the Séries Mania International Festival, Lille, France. Kristina Afanasyeva / KCS Press