One of the consequences of the state of alarm and confinement in Spain has been, together with the limitation of mobility, the cancellation of many flights, trips and events due to the closure of borders and the suppression of crowds.

Although successive decrees after the state of alarm have answered users’ doubts about how to exercise their rights to claim such cancellations, it continues being somewhat confusing due to deadlines or special situations, and therefore the Government of Spain has launched a website to guide users when claiming such cancellations.

consumerscovid19: a step-by-step guide to claiming

The web is very simple and works on both mobile and desktop, and through a series of steps you can specify what kind of event has been canceled and the options that the consumer has to claim it.

The form includes some of the most typical ones such as trips, shows (concerts and events, among others), services such as gyms, residences or nursery schools, insurance or online shopping.

Keep in mind that consumocovid19 is only a guide. The website informs about the steps to follow and the rights of consumers in order to claim a cancellation, but it is not a website focused on presenting such claims, which, in any case, must be done in front of the company that has canceled the event, the concert, trip or service.

Of course, consumerscovid19 does offer a list of organisms of the autonomous communities in which we can claim in case the company that owns the service ignores our requests. It also offers direct access to local consumer organizations, making it a hub that encompasses all kinds of direct access to the organizations of the Autonomous Communities.

Likewise, the web allows download a PDF guide to make it easier to follow the steps to exercise a claim once the form of the service in question is completed, making it a first step to enforce consumer rights in case the consumer does not know what to do after the cancellation of a service due to the coronavirus.

Access the Covid Consumer guide.