Civilization VI, the latest iteration of the veteran saga of strategy games that has stolen so many hours of sleep from fans of the genre is about to receive a new DLC on all its platforms, including Nintendo switch (here our analysis). This downloadable content will now be the third to be released for the game within your « New Frontier Pass » season pass and will include two new civilizations, new wonders as well as a new optional game mode: Dramatic Ages mode. This is what the developers themselves have explained in the following video.

The Byzantines and Gauls They are the two new civilizations that join the squad through this DLC and are accompanied by their own units and leaders. As for the wonders, as can be seen in the video, they are the Biosphere and the Statue of Zeus. A new type of map has also been added: highlands, whose orography offers new tactical possibilities to the players.

This is the third DLC promised within the « New Frontier Pass » of the 6 that it is composed of. Downloadable content packs are published Every two months And they will arrive until next March, when the sixth and last DLC is published. Previous downloadable content included new civilizations such as the Mayas, Greater Colombia or Ethiopia. Also, at the end of August, Civilization VI has already received another free update outside of the season pass and available to the entire community.

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