By Rodolfo León
05/25/2020 1:46 pm

Strategy games have enjoyed significant evolution over the years. Although the genre as such has remained almost intact, the game mechanics in the new installments have had to be adapted to modern times in order to be more accessible to a greater number of players. The saga of Civilization It is one of the most important of the genre, and the latest franchise title reminds us why.

As I mentioned earlier, Civilization It has stayed true to its roots and the latest installment in the franchise is no exception. Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game based on the game model of its predecessor, but what is this game really about?

As in previous installments, the player’s goal is to develop a civilization from a primitive settlement to a fully advanced civilization, with the goal of becoming a world power with either military dominance, technological superiority, or cultural influence.

To meet our objective, players will have the opportunity to explore the world, create new cities, improve ours, deploy military troops to attack and defend against our opponents, develop new technologies and establish trade routes among other world leaders.

This title includes many other civilizations that had not been included in previous installments, while at the same time, previously integrated civilizations have been updated with new capitals or leaders.

Although this may sound a little complex, the reality is that once we managed to understand the game mechanics of Civilization VI, it becomes one of the most addictive experiences out there, even for someone outside the genre of strategy. After all, there is a reason the franchise is already in its sixth installment.

Remember that Civilization VI is now available for PC totally free until May 28 through the Epic Games Store. Download it now and keep it forever. #EpicMegaSale

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