City of Miami Inspector Sues Commissioner – Telemundo Miami (51)

A Miami city code inspector has filed a lawsuit against a City Commissioner for defamation. She accuses him of pushing her and today spoke before the cameras at a press conference. Meanwhile, Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla came out to defend himself.

In the lawsuit, the city employee says the Commissioner has done his best to silence her, but today she decided to speak publicly. His attorneys are asking an independent city agency to investigate and his lawsuit seeks $ 100,000, a lawsuit that Díaz de a Portilla describes as completely frivolous.

Suzanne Nicholson cries for the cameras, describing what she says she has been suffering since February when she met Commissioner Díaz de la Portilla at a nightclub, which did not have a license to operate in the city of Miami.

“Do what you have to do,” says the Commissioner to Nicholson, who is a city code inspector and along with other inspectors and police officers entered the club to conduct an inspection. The images were captured by body cameras of the agents. Nicholson alleges that at one point not captured in these videos, the commissioner pushed her.

“My director threatened me, ordered me not to report it, that we had to protect city officials,” said Nicholson, who alleges that when the commissioner pushed her with his hands, he forced her to take a wrong step back and he injured his hip. He reported it two weeks later.

“That’s why I said nothing, look where I am now, fighting to be believed,” says Nicholson

In the lawsuit, she accuses Díaz de la Portilla of defaming her with the intention of silencing and intimidating her.

Díaz de La Portilla denies any aggression against Nicholson.

“There are three videos from different angles that show that nothing happened there,” said the Commissioner. And for this whole situation he blames Commissioner Joe Carollo, who in the past was a political ally. “You know that his hand is involved in many things.”

We have already reported that Commissioner Carollo denies having anything to do with this case. The city manager left city hall in the last part of the conference and asked for it to be suspended, because there was no permit, but he did confirm that there is an investigation into the incident by Miami police.

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