Citroën ConnectedCAM: an on-board camera for security and leisure

Integrated together with the interior rear-view mirror, this camera records both what happens in its coverage and allows you to take photos of landscapes or experiences while traveling.

Citroën ConnectedCAM is a photo-video camera perfectly integrated into the bracket that fixes the interior rear-view mirror to the structure of the passenger compartment. It offers Full HD resolution, has 16 GB of internal memory and is permanently connected to the mobile, from where its operation is managed and its shots can be sent to social networks or whoever you need, always instantly.

ConnectedCAM has two main functions. The first refers to security because, since it records continuously in video mode, it can be especially useful in the event of all kinds of incidents. Its second facet is more leisure: imagine that you are traveling and, in front of you, a spectacular landscape appears, a sunset or a great rainbow; You just have to press the dedicated button and you have the photo (after a simple press) or the video (a longer press).

Memories for what you need

Thanks to its wide-angle lens with a vision of 120o, it allows you to capture, in the form of images or videos, everything that happens in front of the vehicle. People on board can immediately share them on social media, or keep them as a souvenir in their personal album.

In the event of a crash or collision, it records a sequence of 1 minute 30 seconds, in which you can see the 30 seconds before the incident and the minute after.

ConnectedCAM is associated with a smartphone application that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. Thanks to it, you can adjust your publication preferences, choose the best photos or videos and quickly share them on the social network accounts that have been defined.

Present in the equipment of the New Citroën C3, C4 and the C5 Aircross SUV, the ConnectedCAM Citroën is part of the useful technologies that Citroën incorporates into its vehicles to make everyday life easier and safer, such as wireless charging. the smartphone, the Citroën Connect NAV, the Active City Brake or the blind spot monitoring system.

Gadget thinks

We have had the opportunity to test this ConnectedCAM in a Citroën New C4. Its configuration and use process could not be easier: download the app, pair the camera with the mobile using an intuitive step-by-step and… nothing more. Whether in motion (or stopped), the camera takes care of continuous recording by itself; When you have a subject to photograph before you, you just have to press the attached button, located next to the interior rear view mirror, and you have the photo or video. These captures are immediately transferred to the associated mobile.

We liked the exceptional visual coverage capacity of the camera, in addition, with little distortion for what is a wide angle of this magnitude. The photos and videos are attractive, with good general quality and great capacity to capture colors; do not look for a quality typical of an advanced mobile but, in general, they are more than worthy shots.

We also liked that, outside of the vehicle, unless you get very close to the windshield, the presence of the camera is not appreciated (unlike a portable dash cam), thus avoiding undesirable intentions. Regarding its use by the co-pilot, the location of the button next to the mirror is correct, however, we believe it appropriate that the driver had a button between the steering wheel controls, for reasons of comfort and safety.

As a functionality, the Citroën ConnectedCAM is one of those types of products that, when you try it, you notice that it has undeniable advantages for the leisure aspect but, above all, for safety.