Citroën C5 or C6 2021? First data, photos and video

In a few days, Citroën will officially present a new vehicle – the C5 or the C6, yet to be confirmed – a car that will adopt a futuristic crossover design.

April 8, 2021 (10:10 CET)

Citroën C5 or C6 2021?  First data, photos and video of the new crossoverCitroën C5 or C6 2021? First data, photos and video of the new crossover

The countdown to him world premiere of a new Citroën car -It could be him new C5 or new C6, the French brand has not yet confirmed it – it is heading its final stretch, as it will be the next monday april 12 when the French firm will officially unveil all the images and main features of this “mysterious” car, a vehicle that according to the previous unofficial information and the first available data will offer a futuristic exterior design.

As can be seen during a very brief moments of the first official teaser video published by the French manufacturer, the new Citroën C5 / C6 2021 will adopt a striking design, with a body that will offer many aesthetic tints typical of crossovers. In this way, the brand with the two chevrons changes the focus on this vehicle, moving from the previous and “classic” forms typical in a saloon to more modern lines of crossover / SUV type in the new generation.

Appearance of the headlights that will have the new C5 or C6 2021Appearance of the headlights that will have the new C5 or C6 2021

In the first teasers or images as a preview, you can see a prominent front grille that flows into the led-type lighting units located in the corners. Nor do they go unnoticed sculpted hood and pronounced bumpers. What does seem to be clear is that his style will be a break from the design of the classic family sedan that we knew, since according to what they point out from France, the outgoing car could recover the proportions and lines inspired by the legendary CX or XM, with a long hood and a relatively short rear area. In this regard, in 2016 the gala firm presented a futuristic concept called CXperience.

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In his vRear view, the new Citroën C5 / C6 2021 receives striking headlamps with a design that simulates a three-dimensional or 3D appearance. At the rear, a large spoiler and an angular rear window also attract attention.

First rear view of the new Citroën C5First rear view of the new Citroën C5.

From a technical point of view, at first Citroën has not revealed any details about it, but everything indicates that the new outgoing generation will be developed on the EMP2 platform of the Stellantis Group, the same one used by the saloon Peugeot 508, which means that the new C5 / C6 2021 could offer a very varied mechanical range, with two 1.5 and 2.0 Blue HDI diesel engines of 131 and 177 hp, respectively, another two 1.6 PureTech petrol engines of 181 and 224 hp and probably at least one variant with plug-in hybrid technology with up to 225 hp of maximum power and just over 50 km of autonomy in purely electric driving mode.

Finally, regarding the beginning of the sales in Europe of the new C5 / C6, the first unofficial information in this regard indicates that they should begin throughout the second half of 2021.

A new Citroën on April 12, 2021