Citoën C5 X: a car out of the ordinary

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

The automotive sector is experiencing a time of change. The engines are no longer the most relevant, the batteries and the load capacity of their electrical systems are. It is, therefore, the design era. Customers are convinced by the image of the cars, their personality and functionality. It is the right time for firms like Citroën, which have not stopped innovating and risking every five years, with proposals such as the first C4 Cactus or the current C4-ë. This philosophy of the irreverent is what has led them to reconnect with the saloon segment, which they abandoned before the unstoppable boom of SUVs but those who were owners and gentlemen with icons such as BV, CX or Xantia. The new representative is called Citroën C5 X and it has left us with our mouths open.

The chevron firm has wanted to pay tribute to its history by granting the C5 designation, typical of the sedans of the D segment, along with the X, which characterized its predecessors named above. But it has nothing to do with the above in that C5 X, which has managed to unify in the same body the elegance of the sedan, the sportiness of the coupe, Station Wago functionality and SUV character.

Nor are their engines left behind. The Citroën C5 X will be available from its launch in the plug-in hybrid variant from 225 hp, made up of a 180 hp PureTech block together with an 81 kW electric and 12.4 kWh capacity battery. All this without forgetting the fundamental pillar of the French firm: comfort. The program will take care of this Citroën Advanced Comfort, with the “flying alform” experience that has been associated with most disruptive chevron models.

A few days ago we were able to get to know, touch and sit in the new Citorën C5 X. In this gallery we will tell you our first impressions of this chevron saloon that, as we advance tracks, has turned out to be a more than necessary product these days.

If you’re fed up with labels, still have a certain appreciation for ’90s design but don’t want to give up on the safety and technology enhancements of today’s cars, the C5 X may be the option for you. The chevron signature is characterized by democratize concepts that are usually within the reach of very fewFor this reason, this raised saloon may remind us of a premium car. Moreover, if we rely on the first leaked images, we venture to rate its cabin as one of the most sophisticated of the PSA group, without reaching the level of a DS or a Peugeot. It will be manufactured in China on the EMP2 platform, which was unveiled in the Peugeot 308, among others, key to adapting production to the propulsion mode that best suits day after day.

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