Citizens begins the procedures to expel Toni Cantó after joining Ayuso’s list for 4-M

Toni Cantó continues to militate in Ciudadanos, but will stop doing so soon because the orange party he has started the procedures for his expulsion through a file. It does so after the until now spokesperson for the formation in the Valencian Courts joined the list of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the May 4 elections in the Community of Madrid. This was communicated by the Cs candidate himself, Edmundo Bal, who repeated that with Cantó they act “as with any other affiliate.”

The communication secretary of the orange formation, Daniel Pérez Calvo, already said last week that no “distinction” would be made in the case of Toni Cantó and that the rules of Cs would be applied to him., which contemplate the expulsion of those militants who decide on their own to run for elections on the lists of another political party. Pérez expressed his surprise at the fact that Cantó did not cancel his membership of Ciudadanos after making clear his intention to join Ayuso’s candidacy.

The former coordinator of Cs in the Valencian Community announced on March 15 that he was leaving his positions in the orange formation and resigned his seat in the Valencian Parliament.

He communicated this after leaving the meeting of the National Executive, where he criticized the strategy of Inés Arrimadas in relation to the censure motions presented against the PP in the Region of Murcia and in the City Council, which led Díaz Ayuso to break with Cs in Madrid and call early elections.

After publicly praising the Madrid president and express your will to campaign for the PP, Cantó was incorporated into the candidacy of the ‘popular’, where he appears in fifth place as an independent.