The expansion of the coronavirus has not stopped in Nicaragua and, quite the contrary, cases and deaths continue to increase week by week. The most recent report from the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory reports that until June 17 in the country there was an accumulated of 5,957 suspected cases and 1,688 suspicious deaths from this disease.

These data are far from the reality that the government of Daniel Ortega wants to show, through the Ministry of Health (Minsa), which until June 16 assured that there were 1,823 infections and 64 deaths. The government itself wants to appear normal in the situation by calling massive activities such as fairs, troupes, art festivals and municipal choirs and dances whom the vice president Rosario Murillo invited in León this weekend in celebration of the 496 years of its foundation.

According to the Observatory report, the same reality that the MINSA shows with its data “reaffirms the urgent need for the government to take measures to avoid infections and to have more detailed information to guide decision-making to deal with the situation.”

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have expressed their concern about the situation in Nicaragua, even PAHO has called on the Ortega government to allow a visit to the country to help in the evaluation. and pandemic control. So far the regime has not responded.

The most affected departments

Compared to the previous week, the Observatory reported an increase of 903 cases, that is, 18 percent. Likewise, infections were reported in 10 new municipalities.

Managua continues in the first with more cases (2,551), followed by Matagalpa (610), Masaya (535), León (380), Chinandega (261), Estelí (221), Jinotega (184) and Granada (174).

Regarding deaths, the Observatory categorized 127 as deaths from pneumonia and 1,561 as suspicious deaths from Covid-19. “These deaths have taken place in all 17 departments and autonomous regions of the country,” the report said. And compared to the previous week, there was an increase of 275 deaths.

Like contagions, Managua is the city that reports the most deaths (664), followed by Masaya (216), León (133) and Chinandega (108).

The details of the most affected places have never been provided by the Minsa, which in its short reports limits itself to giving the number of infections and deaths per week. It does not specify ages, departments with more cases and does not even admit that the country is in the most dangerous phase, What is community contagion, as PAHO assured weeks ago.

Health system weakens more

The Citizen Observatory also reported on June 17, 72 suspicious deaths from coronavirus of health personnel: 32 doctors, 18 nursing personnel, 10 administrative personnel, 3 medical visitors, 2 laboratory workers and 7 categorized as “other” (technical personnel or VRE by example).

“The increasing lack of medical and health personnel, due to illness and the conditions of exhaustion and stress in which they find themselves, are seriously weakening the system’s ability to respond,” the agency said, recommending the government to hire more personnel from health to adequately meet the demand for care from the primary level and in specialized care in hospitals.

And it is that, in the midst of the pandemic, the government decided fire more than 10 male and female doctors without specifying the reasons, although those affected said that it was for having signed a document demanding protection measures in the attention of Covid-19 cases.