Citgo gas station employee in Florida rescues kidnapped woman who managed to get out of vehicle

An employee at a Citgo gas station in Florida helped a woman escape her abductor in the middle of a stop in business.

Local media reported the case registered this Sunday in which the authorities are looking for the suspect, identified as Cody Jackson, 32.

The man allegedly attacked the victim in the home they shared in Seffner and then tied her up with shoelaces and placed her in the back seat of the car.

The alleged criminal drove to the gas station about 75 miles north of the house, and it was there that the woman escaped from the trunk and asked Rachel Craddock for help by knocking on the cubicle she was in.

“She was hitting saying, ‘Help me! Help me! Help me! He is going to kill me! He is there! He is there!’ I hurried up and opened the door, and pulled it up and closed the door, ”the rescuer told Fox 13.

Later, the employee called the police.

Kidnapper victim says she’s lucky to be alive

The victim told News Channel 8 that she is lucky to be alive.

The woman, who for fear of her safety did not reveal her identity, indicated that she has known the attacker for about a year and allowed him to stay at her home. But on Mother’s Day, he began to beat her for no apparent reason. The relationship between the two is unclear.

“He threw me to the ground and began to suffocate me and hit me in the face and then he pulled me into the house,” said the victim.

“I kept crying and asked him to please stop doing that and he grabbed a wire and tried to tie a wire around me, but I stopped him. But he threw me back to the ground and suffocated me again with his hands, “he added.

He tied her with a cord and put her in the back seat of the vehicle

Subsequently, the man grabbed a cord and used it to tie up the woman and force her to stay at the rear of the vehicle. After putting her in the car, he drove to Citrus County while beating her to the point that the victim was nearly knocked unconscious.

However, she was able to open the car door and run for help at the Inverness gas station.

The day after the event, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shared a post on their official Twitter account with a picture of the suspect.

The subject, who escaped from Citgo when the victim asked the employee for help, faces charges of physical assault and kidnapping.

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