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The journalist Ciro Gómez Leyva described as an “act of intimidation” the statements against him made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the morning conference on Wednesday.

López Obrador asserted that Gómez Leyva receives money from the government “indirectly”, in addition to being part of a “juicy business” together with the television station where he also works.

It is not the first time he has done it, he has done it 12 or 15 times, it has never been so hard, so imprecise and he has never done it with such bad faith ”, he highlighted.

I take the message as an act of intimidation, in addition, the president reveals information that he would not have to know ”, he pointed out in his program on Radio Fórmula.

The communicator stressed that these statements by President López Obrador, who also pointed out that Gómez Leyva attacks him for being angry, reaffirm that he does not understand how decisions are made at a drafting table.

“I’m not angry because they changed the contract to an employer with whom I work,” he said.

He is very angry (López Obrador). I think at times you feel like you are at a rally. Today he does so in a tone of frank intimidation. We do journalistic work. It is not the first government with which we work like this, not in cafes, not in meals, it does so from the National Palace using the resources of the Republic, ”he said.

Various non-governmental organizations have criticized the attitude of President López Obrador towards the press, a sector that he has continuously attacked in his morning conferences for allegedly defending what he calls “conservative thinking” and the “neoliberal governments” of the past.

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