Cinthia Fernández answered Matías Defederico’s document letter: “What you are asking for is ridiculous and illogical”

Cinthia Fernández answered the letter document to Defederico

The novel between Cinthia Fernandez and Matías Defederico added a new chapter. The dancer and the soccer player never managed to have a good relationship after their separation at the beginning of 2018, these days the dispute ran beyond the media and was fought in the legal sphere.

Cinthia is furious about the economic claim made by the father of her three daughters, who is currently unemployed: he demands the payment of the rent of the house where he lives with the little ones Charis, Francesca and Beautiful. During his participation on Tuesday in Angels in the morning (The thirteen), the panelist gave details of the document letter she received from the soccer player: “I do not understand, just as he asks for the rent, I ask him to please comply with the food quota, with paying for the education of the daughters, with dressing them, with feeding them and paying for entertainment.”

This morning, the dancer updated the situation on the Constitución channel cycle. At the request of the driver Angel de Brito, Cinthia said that she had answered the footballer’s document letter. “It is a downturn to waste time, go, stand in line, the document letter, those are the things I say: What for?”The little angel commented with resignation.

CInthia Fernández, Matías Defederico and their three daughters CInthia Fernández, Matías Defederico and their three daughters

“Didn’t he call you in the middle to talk about it?”asked de Brito. “No, he just told me that he was picking them up on Thursday”, Fernández answered, who limited himself to answering him an “ok”. Where she was most explicit, was in the content of her own letter document: “I replied that what he was asking was inappropriate … to translate it into our words, that it was ridiculous and illogical because it is something he has signed; and whether or not it is signed is a moral issue that you cannot ask the mother of your daughters for rent, who raises them “Cinthia pointed out harshly.

“You are not going to pay rent,” said de Brito, although the actress established her conditions: “I explained to you when. When he pays all the food quota, when he pays everything that corresponds to him, the school, the visits, when he is a great father, maybe then I pay him the rent “, ended Cinthia.

The controversy had broken out during the program on Tuesday, when de Brito read an extract from the letter document that Defederico sent to Fernández: “Intimate you so that within 48 hours he paid me as a rental fee the sum of 25 thousand pesos per month, calculated on a total of 100 thousand pesos according to market values and corresponding to 25% of the total lease, since in said address he lives with our daughters, minors ”.

The anger of Cinthia Fernández for the letter document of Matías Defederico

With total indignation, the dancer clarified that her ex-partner signed an agreement in which it was established that she and her daughters were going to live in that property until Francesca, 6 years old, reaches the age of majority. They also agreed to pay the food quota and the social work of all. As Cinthia explained, her ex does not meet his obligations and for this reason he has a huge debt, which is why he has an “embargo of 1 million and a half pesos.”

During her anger, the little angel again took aim at her former partner, whom she urged to find a job to be able to face her share of expenses. “The only thing I’m going to tell you is that with the two fingers that you wrote or typed the letter, use those fingers to look for work, two days ago you rejected an offer from Ecuador that they pay you in dollars, so you could meet the food quota” , closed an enraged Cinthia Fernández.


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