Cineteca Nacional will show its films via streaming

2020 brought huge changes to life, including the ways of producing and watching cinema. The National Cinematheque does not want to be left behind in the steps towards the future and announces the Virtual Room project, which aims to bring the seventh art to all possible places in the Mexican territory. The face-to-face experience is no longer the only one that allows us to enjoy the films, that is why the Cineteca incorporates the virtual method for all those who are far away but do not want to miss the ambitious billboard that arrives at the complex week after week. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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The National Cinematheque has a long tradition as a place to meet, enjoy and collect films. Since 1974 it has distinguished itself not only by incorporating the most famous titles in the industry, but also alternative and classic proposals that are responsible for once and again astonishing new generations. But like many other venues dedicated to the seventh art, the Cinematheque was affected by the ravages of the pandemic unleashed in March of last year, generating profound changes in the paradigms that for so long governed public life and the ways of seeing cinema .

The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico announces today the launch of the Virtual Room project, which “makes accessible, simultaneous and immediate, throughout the Mexican territory, the experience of the function and cinematographic contents of the Xoco site. . ” Those who want to get the most out of the proposal will need a mobile phone or screen capable of accessing the official website. Tickets will go on sale online and shows will have fixed hours, just like going to a movie theater but without having to leave home.

Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico, shares a statement in which he talks about the great advantages that the Virtual Room of the Cineteca will present to the general public. Now the people of Mexico City and the interior of the country will be able to enjoy the billboard with a few clicks.

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As we have said, the ground gained for digital culture does not take a step back and the Virtual Room of the National Cinema is proof of this. Now, many more people will be able to enjoy the films that the Cineteca programs, without having to leave home. With actions like this, we advance in the objective of decentralizing culture and making it accessible to all the public.

The tickets for the Virtual Room functions will have the same cost as the face-to-face ones, the films will be broadcast in their original language and with subtitles, in addition, it will be possible to pause the playing films but for a maximum of ten minutes. To inaugurate this spectacular new stage of the National Cinematheque, the administration will make some free performances available to the public this June 12 and 13 with the films Strong arm, The Nacre Button – 93% and Before nature.

As of June 18, the formal broadcasts of the Virtual Room begin and we already have the first billboard, which will have the following films available until June 24: April and the extraordinary world, Bitter love, Lioness, Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles – 100%, La Dolce Vita – 96%, The Darkest Days of Us – 90%, Monrovia Indiana and Shepherd or Imposter – 95%. And you, will you take advantage of the new offer of the National Cinematheque and the Virtual Room? The pandemic has changed many things but it has not diminished our penchant for the marvel of the seventh art.

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