Cinépolis is committed to stand-up so that people return to the cinema

Sofia Niño de Rivera’s new stand-up show is the free boost that Cinépolis hopes will derive at the box office.

The comedian’s show is called “Back to the Movies” and seeks to attract those who do not fully know the space to the Klic platform.

Of the more than 7,000 theaters, 3,988 are from Cinépolis and 3,055 from Cinemex, according to Canacine.

Cinépolis and Cinemex They are looking everywhere for an opportunity to improve the income that weighs so heavily on the film industry. Businesses of all sizes are struggling with the health crisis, including these huge chains of resorts.

Tickets stay at the box office and instead of lamenting the fact that people prefer to take care of themselves by staying at home, Cinépolis and Cinemex embark on new business models. Just yesterday we reported on the idea of Cinemex, which now rents its movie theaters to attract more visitors, as a way to offer exclusive places but not to watch movies but to play video game, so it was probably what they lacked to give him that unexpected bonus.

Now, in conjunction with Arena The Place to Play, present Mi Sala Cinemex Gamer, where you can rent a room for 8 players for 2 hours, to be able to play video games from different consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, on a giant screen.

For Cinépolis, the panorama is different, it still wants to attract film fans to the main purpose of watching movies as is and wants to achieve this through its Klic division, which has had the leading role in the months of confinement.

To get the consumer to take the step to register and lose “fear” of the platform, request a registration to enter to see the new show of stand up by Sofia Niño de Rivera, the popular Mexican that makes up a show with its own style and that would be an impulse to enter the portal, at least to see this show completely free.

With this “hook” they try to familiarize Cinépolis Klic with those who have not used the service, showing that there is a new way of seeing cinema.

The comedian’s show is called “Back to the movies”, as the company’s campaign has managed to promote that its rooms operate again with clients, under regulatory sanitary measures.

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This is how they have made it known through social networks and through e-mail for their clients, showing that to see the show it is enough to enter the portal of your digital division and create an account with them. The show lasts 19 minutes and is free.

The cinema has a particularly complicated panorama, since it is a closed place accessible to many people, which is why the brand’s work has focused on guiding its contagion prevention systems, but this goes against what indicated from the University of Colorado, in the original research of El País, in this link, which shows how the dreaded virus is spread in closed spaces.

Cinépolis and Cinemex have measures and data available to guide customers, but in Mexico the fear has been reflected at the box office.