Cinemex will rent its rooms to play video games!

There’s nothing like start a good game of your favorite video games. Whether inviting your friends or even on your own, turn on the console and have a good time playing is one of the things that relaxes us the most, especially when you are a red bone gamer.

Now, the most passionate players in the Mexico City and soon throughout the Republic will be able to take the experience to a new dimension thanks to Cinemex. Company complexes can now be used to make a good game with your friends as part of My Cinemex Room, a new project that the movie theater franchise started a few months ago.

Photo: Pixabay

What is My Cinemex Room?

Cinemex It is, without fear of making mistakes, one of the most important movie complex companies in the country. For many, it is always the first option to spend a pleasant time watching a premiere with a nice combo of popcorn and soda.

The company’s commitment to its clients has evolved with the project known as My livingroom Cinemex which started last September. This concept allows moviegoers to rent a movie theater to up to 30 people, whether they are friends, family or whoever you want. If you are a lover of cinematography and you like this idea, HERE we leave you more details with everything and reserve price.

Photo: Cinemex

And although at first the project only contemplated film screenings, Cinemex has decided that it is time to take its initiative to another level and to other potential audiences. If you are a gamer looking for a comfortable and incredible space to continue the game, you will love this.

Cinemex opens its rooms so that you can enjoy your favorite video games

Can you imagine being able to enjoy the best video games of today on a majestic movie screen? Well this is already a reality thanks to My Cinemex Gamer Room. Yes, now you can sit in the comfort of an armchair, take control and spend hours of fun with whom you choose.

Cinemex joins Arena the Place to Play to bring this experience to their complexes with which you can rent a whole room for eight people for two hours with titles available for the consoles Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles.

Photo: Sony

Those interested can play in free format or tournament with games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 11, Marvel vs Capcom, Injustice 2, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, FIFA 20, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Party, Arms, Pokemon Tournament, Rush of Blood and Beat Saber.

In Mexico City the complexes where you can already access My Cinemex Gamer Room are Artz Pedregal, Parque Delta, Lindavista, University and Reforma 222. The initiative will soon reach other rooms in the country such as those of Carso, Cuernavaca, Premium Metepec, Premium Querétaro, Premium Pachuca, among other.

Photo: Nintendo

The price for Mi Sala Cinemex Gamer is $ 1,600 plus the cost per service that varies depending on whether you choose a Premium or Traditional room. Buying from the app or from the Cinemex page, the price will be approximately $ 1750.00 pesos. There you have it! Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy your favorite video games on the big screen.

Get the tickets: Cinemex already lets you reserve full movie theaters to maintain a healthy distance