Cinematographic chase of a motorcycle jet that escaped the wrong way

A thief in motorcycle He was arrested in the Santa Fe city of rosary beads after a spectacular police chase. In the images you can see how the offender try to escape against hand and performs reckless maneuvers to disorient the troops, who captured him in seven minutes.

It all started on Mendoza Street, between Sarmiento and San Martín, where the assailant snatched an Iphone cell phone from a 22-year-old boy.

The motochorro escaped against Sarmiento in a red Honda Wave, while one of the agents of the Motorized Brigade, belonging to the Regional Unit II of the Santa Fe provincial police, saw him pass near him. Immediately the persecution began, which lasted for about 40 blocks and ended a few meters from the bus terminal.

The camera images that captured the action of the rapid response unit they show the offender zigzagging between cars, in addition to implement reckless maneuvers, how to get on the sidewalks and speed around corners, to disorient the policemen.

Also, in the middle of the journey, the motochorro threw the cell phone he had stolen.

After seven minutes, the thief lost stability, fell to the ground and was caught.

The detainee is 23 years old, residing in the north of Rosario and was transferred to Police Station No. 2 where he was at the disposal of the Justice accused of the crimes of theft and resistance to authority.

His Wave motorcycle was hijacked and it was known that this vehicle had been reported stolen. The phone he had stolen, meanwhile, was returned to the victim.