Los Angeles, USA

Sylvester Stallone will return to “Rocky” to narrate a documentary about the recording of the tape that, with a low budget, became one of the highest grossing films in 1976 and won three Oscar Awards, including the best film award.

Titled “40 Years of Rocky: The Birth of a Classic,” the film will recall how a young Stallone wrote the script, starred in filming, and received a hit that launched Hollywood stardom.

“You are a very lucky person when you discover that the best friend you have ever had is a character you came up with, someone who was always there when things got tough and never gave up on me,” Stallone says in the trailer for the documentary.

The film opens on June 9 on the Apple and Amazon platforms.

Derek Wayne Johnson has directed the documentary, which he says will “give audiences an intimate and emotional experience.”

“We are proud of the film. Audiences will see stories and images they have never seen before in a combination of director John Avildsen’s home recordings, behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage, as well as discarded scenes.”

Last month Stallone revealed during a live meeting with his Instagram followers that Warner Bros. Studios is working on a sequel to the movie “Demolition Man” that he starred in in 1993.

“I think it is on the way. We are working on it now, with Warner Bros. and it looks fantastic, so it should go ahead. It is something that is going to happen,” the actor anticipated after a user from the social network asked him about the continuation of the 1993 tape.

For years there has been speculation about a continuation of the original tape but it has never materialized.

In addition, Stallone also anticipated that he is working with Universal Pictures to adapt the 1981 movie “Nightwalks” into a series.

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