Ruby Rose recently surprised by announcing her departure from Batwoman. Although the actress did not explain the reasons, numerous sources have hinted at the reason for this abrupt decision.

According to Variety, multiple sources assure that Rose was not happy with the long hours that she had to spend on set as the protagonist of the series, which caused friction with different members of the team and those responsible for the production.

That is why she and the studio decided to separate their ways. Although those same sources assure that leaving the series was not “100% their decision”. Batwoman was the first leading role of her career, having appeared in Orange Is the New Black and a few movies in supporting roles.

Given the interpreter’s sudden decision, there are many rumors that have arisen around her departure. The star suffered an accident during the filming of the fiction, so many pointed out that he left due to the pain caused by this incident. However, a source has denied it. “It had nothing to do with his health or injury,” he clarified.

Rose has also spoken openly about her mental health issues in the past and even confessed that she had attempted suicide several times. That is why others also attribute their departure to this circumstance.

Although Rose will not be returning in the second season, Warner Bros, The CW and Berlanti Productions thanked the performer and said they were “firmly committed to the second season of Batwoman and her long-term future.” “We look forward to sharing this new direction with you, including the election of a new lead actress and member of the LGBTQ community in the coming months,” they said.

Batwoman ended earlier than anticipated due to the coronavirus pandemic, opening her final chapter in Spain via HBO on Tuesday, May 19. The second season is expected to launch in 2021.