The seventh art has stood up to the coronavirus with the long-awaited online film festival “We Are One”, in which the most important exhibitions in the world have joined forces, including Tribeca, Cannes, the Berlinale, the Venice Film Festival and San Sebastián, who has a program of more than 100 films from 35 countries, as well as talks with prominent filmmakers.

From May 29 to June 7, “We Are One: A Global Film Festival”, organized by those responsible for the Tribeca Film Festival, can be seen for free and exclusively on YouTube in an initiative that involves worldwide response to the dry braking that the coronavirus pandemic has caused in the seventh art.

The event, which aims to highlight “films that have the power to generate change and unite audiences around the world”, will also feature the virtual presence of important filmmakers such as Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Soderbergh, Bong Joon-ho , Guillermo del Toro, Song Kang-ho, Jane Campion or Claire Denis, who will talk about some of the most relevant moments in cinema.

Together, we have been able to design an exciting program that concisely reflects the subtle variations in style that make each festival special, “Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal said in a statement.

“‘We Are One: A Global Film Festival’ will offer the audience an opportunity not only to celebrate the art of cinema, but the unique qualities that make every story we see so memorable,” he added.

In total, it is more than a hundred pieces from 35 nations, including 31 feature films, of which 8 are documentaries, and 72 shorts, 15 of them of the documentary genre.

Among them is the premiere of “Ricky Powell: The Individalist”, a documentary about the legendary street photographer Powell that includes interviews with actress Natasha Lyonne and rapper LL Cool J, or “Iron Hammer”, a documentary piece by Joan Chen on legendary volleyball player Jenny Lang Ping.

The film “Eeb Allay Ooo!” Is released in its online version at this festival, an original satire about a man who professionally dedicates himself to frightening the monkeys that surround the government buildings of Bombay.

Among the shorts, he celebrates his world premiere “Yalta Conference Online” created exclusively for “We Are One” by Japanese director Koji Fukada, as well as “Motorcycle Drive By”, a documentary about the rock band “Third Blind Eye”.

There will also be a two-episode documentary series, “And She Could be Next,” which reflects the experiences of women of color candidates in past legislative elections in the US, such as Stacey Abrahams and Rashida Tlaib.

In the animation genre, “We Are One” also features the first short films by Dreamworks Animation: “Bilby”, “Marooned” and “Bird Karma”.

The colloquia will be another important attraction of the online exhibition, which will transmit both recorded past talks and new encounters, as well as virtual reality pieces such as the documentary “Traveling While Black” or “Atlas V”, of science fiction.

There have been 21 prestigious film festivals that have wanted to be part of the global initiative, which come from Annecy, Berlin, Cannes, Guadalajara, Jerusalem, Karlovy Vary, Locarno, London, Macao, Marrakech, Mumbai, New York, Rotterdam, San Sebastián, Sarajevo, Sundance, Sydney, Tokio, Toronto, Tribeca and Venice.

“Cinema is not only a collective work, but a shared experience. In these moments of social distancing, the spirit of cooperation and sense of community are more important than ever. For this reason, we are happy to participate in the ‘We Are One’ initiative ‘”, Berlinale directors Mariete Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian have said in the statement.

For his part, Robert Kyncl, the business director of YouTube, who collaborates in the festival as an exclusive platform for its broadcast, noted that “one of the most beautiful things about movies and other visual content is their ability to tell stories and bringing people together, no matter where they live or where they are from. “

“The programming coordinated by Tribeca Enterprises … has the magical ability to transport our viewers to a particular moment in time, through the unique lens provided by our esteemed festival companions,” he added.

In addition to providing entertainment during the difficult time of the pandemic, “We Are One” aims to raise funds for some of the organizations that have been at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Save The Children, Médicos Sin Fronteras, Leket Israel, GO Foundatiion or Give2Asia.

Thus, the audience can collaborate with donations through a link available in each of the movies and events.