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The movie of Cinderella with Camila Cabello it is getting closer and closer to its premiere on the Prime Video platform and little by little new glimpses of its main characters are revealed. Through Entertainment Weekly the first image of Billy Porter as the fairy godmother is shown, a very important figure in the history of the young woman in love. The appearance of Billy on paper it is absolutely fantastic and makes it quite clear that we are dealing with a modern version of the classic tale by Charles Perrault.

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Billy porter He is known for his work on Broadway and his performance in Pose – 90%, a series that earned him an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, a Critics’ Choice Award and a Golden Globe nomination; in 2013 he won the Tony Award for his role in Kinky Boots; He is openly gay and his influence and prestige in the LGBT community is clear. Kay Cannon, director of the new version of Cinderella, saw him as the definitive option to play the fairy godmother and came up with the right role for him. Here are the filmmaker’s words for Entertainment Weekly and the first look at the character.

I think it’s only like 12 minutes on screen [pero] it will be your favorite part. It fits the role very well. He’s so ridiculously talented. Billy is magical to me.

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The movie of Cinderella with Camila Cabello it also suffered the harsh conditions of the pandemic. Its theatrical release date was rescheduled but a Prime Video release was eventually concluded; Now the fans of the Cuban singer are eager to see the great talent of their idol in the material. According to IMDb, Cinderella will hit the streaming world during September, so the fandom will have to wait a few more months for the big day.

In addition to Hair Y PorterIn the cast we have Idina Menzel as the Stepmother, Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert, Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrix, Maddie Baillio as Anastasia and Charlotte Spencer as Drizella. Cinderella is a tale really loved by the public, especially for the adaptations that Disney has delivered over the years, however, it is worth wondering if this new version will offer something really innovative or will it remain as a simple musical film with big stars present in the credits.

One of the most recent versions of Cinderella is the live-action of 2015 with Lily James, actress who gave meaning to a classic version of the protagonist: sweet, honest and brave. That version was very attached to the other that Disney released several decades ago in animated format, but with some differences, of course. Camila Cabello It is the new Cinderella, a Latin version that gives rise to representation and diversity, will it satisfy the fans?

On the other hand, Amazon executives are delighted with the work of Kay with Cinderella, an achievement that will soon be available to everyone through Prime, the second most successful streaming platform in the world. Here the words of Jennifer slate, director of Amazon Studios, in an official statement (via ComicBook):

Cinderella is a classic we all know and love, but this time with a unique modern twist and starring the sensational Camila Cabello and an all-star cast. Producer James Corden and the team of filmmakers have taken this beloved fairy tale and renewed it with a fresh and empowering perspective that will resonate with audiences and families around the world.

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