Chuponcito faces third complaint for alleged abuse


José Alberto Flores, better known as Little sucker, added a new accusation for sexual harassment and abuse. This time it’s about the young Ivonne Luevano, who yesterday went to the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office to file a complaint.

I was his dancer seven years ago and I also suffered sexual harassment. It was very difficult to be here, to convince myself, the truth is that I still have many mixed feelings, courage, above all, and thanks to this I gave myself courage to see that Karla, that Barbara denounced … that two bad people are treating him badly or slandering, when he knows perfectly that he is guilty “

The young woman also mentioned that the comedian Chuponcito I asked for totally nude photographs.

The reality is that many times I rejected it, this was around two, three years, more or less. It was constant harassment. The only mistake was to have sent him a photograph after so much that he harassed me, pressuring me, conditioning my salary, knowing that I was in a vulnerable situation because it was the only salary that my house received to survive, and he took advantage of that “

But the young Ivonne not only denounced Chuponcito but also it was also against his current partner.

I am also denouncing his wife Alejandra Maya because she is responsible for uploading my photograph (where it appears naked) to social networks without my consent. So I do want you to know that I am joining the cause so that justice is done “

The lawyer Manuel Valadéz explained that Chuponcito’s actions could be his modus operandi, hire vulnerable women and try to take advantage of the situation.

The truth is that in the Prosecutor’s Office we have found full support, both the Bárbara and Karla cases have advanced very quickly and very well to try to achieve a hearing of connection to the process. And the Ivonne affair is beginning ”, he concluded.

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