Chumel Torres mocks AMLO with Niurka’s meme for reducing vaccines Pfizer – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

The host of the YouTube program El Pulso de la Republica, Chumel Torres, wrote a message on his Twitter account where he mocked the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for accepting the proposal of the United Nations (UN) to to reduce deliveries of Pfizer vaccine in some nations and thus avoid hoarding, which will allow poorer countries to have access to those doses.

“The other countries seeing that AMLO ‘gave’ them the vaccine for being poorer,” wrote the communicator on their networks, accompanied by a gif showing Niurka and the phrase: “Don’t be European.”

The president announced that Mexico accepted the reduction in the delivery of doses of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 so that countries with fewer resources can access it, as proposed by the United Nations (UN) with the aim of that there is no hoarding, but the doses will be replaced, clarified the president.

“Now in the world there is a controversy because the UN has asked Pfizer to lower its deliveries to the countries in which it has a contract, as is our case, the European countries, so that a quantity of vaccines is available to the UN and that there is no hoarding, and that the UN also makes these vaccines available to poorer countries ”, mentioned the president at the inauguration of the University of Well-being.

“We agreed with that, that they take us down and then replace what corresponds to us,” he said.

The president affirmed that, despite the drop in the delivery of the vaccine, the National Vaccination Plan against Covid-19 will not change, because the Mexican government is looking for more options.

The government is in search of the CanSino vaccine, the Russian Sputnik V, and the one developed by the pharmaceutical AstraZeneca, for which it confirmed that there will be enough doses to be able to immunize the elderly.

“Our plan doesn’t change anyway, because we are already looking for other vaccines, not just Pfizer. We are already in deals to start arriving a vaccine called CanSino, from China; and a vaccine from a Russian laboratory, plus an AstraZeneca vaccine, from the University of Oxford. So we are going to have enough vaccines, “said the president.