Chumel Torres lashed out at haters who called him macho – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Chumel Torres spoke again and this time he did not stop before those haters who accused him of being a misogynist.

It was through his Twitter account, where the host of the Pulse of the Republic attacked a former fan, who mentioned that he is no longer a fan due to certain attitudes and opinions that the influencer usually has.

“He was a loyal follower of @ChumelTorres but he really is a cisgender male, that is, an idiot,” wrote one user.

Given this, the communicator did not remain silent and corrected the “He was a faithful follower” to replace it with “you are.” In addition, he posted a tweet where he cited the netizen’s account in which the legend appears: “* Geminis safe zone *”.

Later, Chumel continued and took the opportunity to spread a message to all the people who do not agree with him.

“Feelings, wokes and progres, don’t follow me. Go to your safe places, here it is served hot, “he said in a tweet that so far has more than three thousand likes.

At this, other tweeters were dismayed and asked him why, if he previously considered himself in favor of certain things, now he made comments of that type.

“I’m glad you saw the light, but until recently you were the ‘ally’ of the year. What happened? “, Wrote @Evilbyron to which another Internet user replied:” There is never enough “ally” for those people who do not hesitate to bring to the scaffold those who once supported them. This has been going on for centuries since the Age of Terror in France or the purges in the Soviet Union ”.

Another of the comments that caused controversy recently by the influencer, was related to the sentence that Rix was given after the case of Nath Campos.

Before it became public knowledge that Rix could be released from jail, Chumel Torres mocked him with the following comment on Twitter: “Who was Rix not to have to worry about answering SAT emails.” However, for both him and other social media users, the news of González’s shortened procedure came as a surprise.

And to that was added one more where Torres made irony about the presence of the new sculpture of an indigenous woman, which would replace the one of Christopher Columbus previously located in Paseo de la Reforma, due to the actions that occurred on the southern border of Mexico, where several migrants were attacked.

Through his personal account, the Mexican youtuber jokingly mentioned that “he loved good racism”, since, according to what was said in his account, the Fourth Transformation (4T) contradicted itself “by putting a statue of an indigenous woman in Reform and at the same time grabbing migrants with batons on the southern border ”.

The comments were immediate. Several Internet users agreed with what was said by the host of “The pulse of the Republic” and the rain of memes began, mainly against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

However, some questioned him about what he was proposing to change the situation, to which Chumel responded – using high-sounding words – that the main thing was to stop beating the migrants crossing the southern border of the country.

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