‘Chucky’, the diabolical doll series, presents its first teaser trailer

The franchise of ‘Chucky, the diabolical doll’ has no intention of taking a break and is already preparing its jump to television. Since the premiere of the original film ‘Diabolical Doll’ in 1988, and all the success that it brought, the franchise began to grow and since then we have a large number of sequels. The last thing we saw was the reboot released in 2019 of the same title as the original tape. Now, this killer doll intends to make the leap to television with a series prepared by SYFY. ‘Chucky’ has already started its production and wanted to summon the entire entourage of fans of the doll through a teaser.

As we can see, what this advance teaches us is basically Chucky’s anatomy from the inside; far from being possessed by a serial killer as in the films of yesteryear, the doll now seems to be moving by an internal robotic mechanism. And for this foray into the small screen, the franchise will once again have its creator, Don Mancini. Mancini, in addition to being the original person in charge of the story of Chucky, was in charge of the scripts and many times of the direction of the corresponding sequels carried out: “With this television series, our mission has been to preserve the direct fear of original movie or early movies. But at the same time, continuing this consistent tapestry of history that has been expanding over seven movies and thirty-somethings. I think fans are going to love seeing the new characters that we introduce into this kingdom and see how they emerge from our classic characters, “Mancini told SYFY.

The cast will be headed again by the actor who lent his voice to the original Chucky doll, Brad Dourif. They will also return to his side Jennifer Tilly and Fiona Dourif, who will accompany in the cast the new interpreters who join: Devon Sawa, Zackary Arthur, Teo Briones, Bjorgvin Arnarson; Alyvia Alyn Lind, Lexa Doig and Barbara Alyn Woods.


The series ‘Chucky’ will return to the original concept of the plot. This time, the doll will appear in a suburban garage sale, which will allow him to break into an idyllic American city that will begin to be plunged into chaos full of horrible murders that begin to expose all the hypocrisies and secrets that are in the city. At the same time, enemies and former allies will arrive at the scene to reveal the truth behind these murders and about the origins of Chucky, who this time went from being a seemingly normal child to a demonic doll for reasons still unknown..

‘Chucky’ aims to premiere on SYFY this fall.