April 1 has finally arrived – April Fools Day in many parts of the world – so take it carefully. As we do here, a lot of people take out the usual jokes or outright, some are looking for a way to put together highly elaborate jokes and it is precisely there that we want to stop, because It turns out that after all the lawsuit between Chuck D and Flavor Flav it was part of a mess ahead of this date and that it was never run by Public Enemy.

If you do not remember everything that happened, here we refresh your memory a little. In early March The hip-hop group announced that Flavor Flav had been fired over comments he made about Public Enemy’s performance at one of the rallies.he Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. After a few tweets dedicated to Chuck D and the rapper of a thousand hanging watches, the members had made the decision to kick him out of the band.

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And now it turns out that this was a huge prank to promote himself. Why do we say it? Well then a few days ago Chuck D released a new album called Loud Is Not Enough, Among all the rhymes and beats there is a collaboration with the good Flavor Flav in a song called “Food As A Machine Gun”.

As if this were not enough in an interview with the presenter Talib Kweli confirmed that all this had been planned and it was even inspired by the situation of Orson Welles and The War of the Worlds to carry out this plan and it worked for them.

But how did all this happen?

Chuck explains that they did all of this because Flavor’s popularity had dropped in recent years., so nothing like making a scandal and gossip through social networks so that everyone talks about it again. And while Flav said he would sue the group and Chuck ran him from the group., they were both working in secret, composing new songs, no fools.

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They are always friends …

When asked about Flav’s status in the group, Chuck D confirmed that Flavor cannot be fired from Public Enemy because they are great friends: “I can’t, he’s my partner. You cannot fire your colleagues, you just stay away from them. ” To finish, he also said that everything They had done this to wake people up and open their eyes that many things they see in the news or on social networks are not true..

Either way, Chuck D and Flavor Flav showed us that very big jokes can still be made at a time when the vast majority of information is in our hands. Anyway, check below the collaboration between both rappers to clear your mind after reading all this mess: