Chrome’s dinosaur game widget is also coming to Android

Chrome for Android is a constantly evolving product, and it will soon add some features that -remarkably- Google first introduced in the iOS version. Such is the case of the new widgets, which will soon reach the web browser for the mobile operating system developed in Mountain View.

According to 9to5Google, some changes recently seen in the Chrome for Android code give clues about which widgets to incorporate. Among them is the one from the popular dinosaur game, which allows access to it from the home screen of the smartphone.

It is not yet known for sure when the new widgets will arrive in Chrome for Android, but it would be from the update to Android 12. Google wants application developers to put the focus back on creating widgets, and hopes to inspire them from one of their most popular products.

According to the information available, Google works on a new search widget and quick actions to incorporate into Chrome for Android. It already appears in the latest Canary versions of the browser, but it is still incomplete.

New widgets in Chrome for AndroidChrome for Android will have a widget with access to the dinosaur game, similar to the one that appears on iOS

In it you see a search box and web browsing, and other blank spaces. The final design of the widget would be similar to the one we saw in May in Chrome for iOS, although with some modifications. The iPhone version, for example, has three spaces for shortcuts instead of the four that would appear in Chrome for Android.

What is certain is that in the code the “button” is included for direct access to the dinosaur game. This resource was born in the version of Chrome for desktop, in order to calm the cravings when losing the Internet connection, and has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

It is not yet known if Google also plans to release a separate widget for the dinosaur game in Chrome for Android. For many it may be minor details, but one thing is clear: these small updates remind us that the most used tools on our smartphone they are not always thought to improve our productivity.

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