Chromebooks outsold Apple Macs

We’ve been saying for a long time that Chromebooks are a very real alternative to Windows and macOS. Google has managed to consolidate the platform in recent years and the data that comes from the IDC consultancy are a new notice the big two on PCs, Microsoft and Apple.

It’s been more than ten years since Google announced Chrome OS. An operating system that replicated the Android model, but on personal computers. Based on the Linux kernel and the Chromium OS project, it was conceived halfway between a cloud operating system and a traditional desktop, but since then it has not stopped improving its interface, operation, applications, ease of use and configuration, security and support.

Google has also managed to earn favor of the big manufacturers to achieve an increasingly extensive and interesting catalog in the hands of these Chromebooks, the laptops with Chrome OS that have managed to surpass the almighty Windows in some market segments such as education and are entering the business market and in the of consumption.

Chromebooks, the fashionable computers

We already knew that 2020 had been a great year for Chromebooks and for Google’s strategy. It was the platform that grew the most in the explosion of laptops that brought confinements due to the pandemic and now from IDC we receive data that reaffirms this.

According to the consultant, Chromebooks outperformed Apple Macs in sales in 2020. It had already happened in a specific quarter, but it is the first time in history that it has happened with data from a whole year. In this way, the Chrome OS platform obtained a market share of 10.8% compared to 7.5% for macOS.


Another relevant fact is that both have gotten a good ‘bite’ to Windows which falls to 80.5%. They are five percentage points, but they represent many millions of teams and a change in trend with unforeseeable consequences for the future. So much so that Microsoft has had to expand the objectives of the new Windows 10X operating system and delay its launch due to the threat posed by Google on PCs.

The pandemic is being an accelerator of technological trends. Chrome OS has been growing in recent years and in 2020 the trend has accelerated. Exceeding the Mac platform is a singular milestone and the loss of five percentage points from Windows, in addition to reducing sales by millions of computers, in some quarters meant the loss of the 80% share barrier for the first time in 20 years.