Chrome launches a new version for Mac Apple Silicon

Google is about to launch a new version of its Chrome browser compatible with the new Silicon Macs, Apple’s new line of computers.

Chrome for Apple SiliconChrome 87 will be compatible with Mac Apple Silicon.

Apple Silicon compatibility

Apple announced in June that it was working on creating and implementing of their own processors for their computers in what would be considered the fourth transition of the Macs.

With the launch of these new computers some of the main companies developing applications and other tools have had to carry out a new version that can be compatible and adapted to this new Apple innovation.

Microsoft was among the first to take the first step in this update and released a beta of Office compatible with Apple Silicon. Now it is Google who is about to launch a version of Chrome that is optimized for the new computers that users can already acquire.

Chrome for new Macs with M1 processor

Chrome 87 It is the version that Google has prepared for users who want to obtain the browser and that is compatible with Macs with Intel and Macs with Apple M1 chip.

This version was not available for the expected date due to an inconvenience which was mentioned on Twitter by the same Chrome team. Due to this mishap, it was not possible to continue with the release of the new version of Chrome.

Chrome Apple SiliconChrome for Apple Silicon will be available in the next few hours.

This problem is being fixed, so that Chrome with dual compatibility can be downloaded over a few hours as developers can place it on the Chrome download page.

In case some users were able to download the version of Chrome M1 that has the bug, they will experience blocking problems. But this can be fixed with the solution that Google has put on their website.

This new version of Chrome will be a 50% faster saving speed in the cache loading of the pages, it will have a new drop-down icon with actions and settings; There will also be cards related to recent views, a new PDF viewer, and more.