Christopher Ukerman, the first kiss and who broke Belinda’s heart | Instagram

Christopher Ukerman was the first to break Belinda’s heart. The singer revealed that it was with her fellow actor the first kiss.

It was in an interview with the program We continue continuing of Daniel Sosa that the interpreter of Boba nice girl confessed details of Ukerman and her and spoke of their first kiss.

Mine was with Christopher and I remember perfectly, I will never forget it, Belinda said.

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Belinda shared that the end of the relationship with him was very difficult despite the fact that they were only children.

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The singer pointed out that it was with signs that Ukerman ended her, she no longer wanted to be by his side and only distanced herself, without a single word while they were partners in the famous soap opera Adventures in time.

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When we finished we were in ‘Adventures in Time’ and suddenly I didn’t want to be with myself anymore. And I said to him: you cut me right? And I was crying and the next day I didn’t want to get to the call.

Beli noted that after that Christopher repented and wanted to return to her side, but she did not forgive him and left him behind.