Christopher Uckermann reveals that he will not get a vaccine against covid-19

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Mexico City / 02.21.2021 10:35:14

Despite the fact that the vaccination day has already started in Mexico, several celebrities, including Paty Navidad and Eric del Castillo, declared that they do not plan to be vaccinated against covid-19. Is now, Christopher Uckermann, member of the band RBD, who joins the controversial list of celebrities, as he assured that the dose will not be applied to protect himself from the new coronavirus.

In a meeting with the media as he passed through the airport, Christopher Uckermann He spoke of Anahí’s state of health, who was infected with covid-19 allegedly in the virtual concert that the band held in December 2020 and that marked the return of RBD to the stages.

The singer and actor mourned the death of Belinda’s grandmother, with whom he had a loving relationship more than 10 years ago. Christopher Uckermann spoke of the importance of caring for older adults; however, he noted that you are not willing to get vaccinated against covid-19.

« We must take care of all the elderly people. We must not leave them behind … No (I am going to be vaccinated), I do not believe in the vaccine, I am honest, I think it can be worse than the covid itself. I am someone who personally does not believe in vaccines, « he assured Edén Dorantes before the cameras.

He commented that as a child they did give him several vaccines; However, the actor reiterated that he does not believe in them like his family. He noted relying more on natural medicines.

« The ones they gave me as a boy, because they gave them to me, but today I believe a lot in the natural, in fact I support natural nutrition and I definitely would not get vaccinated. No one (from his family) is going to be vaccinated, » he said .

More RBD concerts? This said Christopher Uckermann

At the end of 2020 RBD surprised everyone by announcing their return to the music scene, in addition to the fact that all their music is now on streaming platforms and they published a new song, the group also gave an online show, however, Christopher Uckermann revealed that the group He has no plans to hold any more concerts.

« For now I can tell you no. I think that in the next two years I don’t think there will be concerts, » he said.