Christopher O’Connell passes Wimbledon round


On at 17:15 CEST

Christopher O’Connell, Australian, number 131 in the ATP, won in the qualifying qualifying round at Wimbledon in two hours and twenty-eight minutes by 7 (8) -6 (6), 6-4 and 7 (7) -6 (4) to Tomas Machac, Czech tennis player, number 143 of the ATP. With this result, the winner manages to add new points to his ranking to enter the Wimbledon Championship.

Machac managed to break serve once, while the Australian managed it twice. In addition, O’Connell had a 64% first serve and committed a double fault, managing to win 72% of the service points, while his opponent’s effectiveness was 76%, he did not double fault and achieved the 67% of service points.

In the tournament London (Wimbledon Individual Masc.) there is a preliminary access phase where players with the lowest rankings have to obtain the highest possible score in order to qualify and participate in the official tournament. During this part of the competition, specifically, a total of 128 players face each other. It also takes place from June 21 to July 12 on outdoor grass.

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