Christopher Nolan thinks his version of Batman couldn’t be done today

One of the most emblematic projects that marked Christopher Nolan’s film career for good has been the Bat Man trilogy. After 15 years since the premiere of Batman begins (2005), the British filmmaker reflects on the growing popularity of superhero films and why, at the moment, his version of Batman would be so difficult to adapt to the big screen.

Christopher Nolan spoke with Clark Collis, senior writer for Entertainment Weekly, as part of the launch of the book The Nolan Variations by Tom Shore, to talk about the moment in which Batman began and the glorious stage they were going through, for example, before that the MCU expanded and became one of the most successful franchises in Hollywood cinema. In a timely manner, Nolan commented (via IndieWire) that in those years he was ready to tell the story of the overcast Gotham City as he imagined and desired it.

Batman starts Christopher Nolan

«It was the right moment to tell the story I wanted to make. Batman’s origin story had never been addressed in the movie or completely in the comics. There was nothing particular or exact that we had to follow. There was a void in the history of cinema. Superman had a very definitive narrative with Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner. The version of that with Batman had never been told. We were looking for this narrative of an extraordinary figure in an ordinary world«, He expressed.

With special emphasis on creative freedom, the director commented that Warner Bros. always kept his ideas at bay, allowing him to carry out the trilogy from his vision. Likewise, Nolan also mentioned that the time between the development of the sequels was a gift, compared to the pressure that the superhero genre now experiences.

“The other advantage we had was that back then you could take more time between sequels. When we did Batman Begins, we didn’t know we were going to do another one and it took us three years to make it and then four years passed before the next one. We had the luxury of time. It didn’t feel like a machine, a trading engine for study. As the genre becomes so successful, those pressures keep getting bigger. It was the right time«.

The three feature films starring Christian Bale has been a watershed in cinematography and one of the most representative products around the most famous DC Comics superhero. It should be noted that during its premiere in 2005, Batman started barely around the $ 371 million at the global box office, a lower figure if we now compare it with the earnings estimated by an MCU movie. The trilogy, which ended in 2012 with Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, managed to reach little more than $ 2,000 million at the worldwide box office.

Batman starts Christopher Nolan

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batman christopher nolan

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