Tenet persists in boasting to be the film that takes us back to movie theaters after the pandemic. However, that is not the only obstacle the new job of Christopher Nolan, since before the health emergency the plot of the tape already meant a mystery to solve for moviegoers. Now it is the filmmaker himself who spoke with Total Film to clear up some unknowns, while keeping big surprises at bay.

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During the talk, the British director assured that his main intention is to break the expectations that moviegoers and viewers have regarding spy movies.

«It is a film with great ambitions and a large scale that takes a genre, that is, the spy film, and tries to take it to new territory. And it also tries to take the public on a trip they may not have had before, and they might not be waiting. ”

«First off, we are looking to give the public an amazing ride into the spy movie genre, but using the comforts of the public and following the conventions of that genre to take it to an interesting and unexpected territory, “he explained.

At the moment and thanks to the second Tenet trailer we know that the character of John David Washington must embark on a dangerous mission that involves a war with chemical weapons. Likewise, we ran into that the story will not address time travel, but a variable called: investmentIn other words, the ability to reverse time and thus avoid the happy war. On the other hand, we discovered that the villain of this story will be the character of Kenneth Branagh, a Russian man with the apparent ability to see the future and who will also do everything possible to get rid of the character of Washington.

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At the moment, both Warner Bros. and Nolan hold high their expectations to release the film next July 17, 2020. However, recent estimates suggest that the success of the film will depend on the reopening of 80% of the cinemas in the world.

Tenet has a multi-star cast that includes Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth BranaghElizabeth Debicki Michael Caine, Clémence Poésy, Himesh Patel, among others.