Christmas marketing tips for retailers in 2020

Do you already have your campaigns ready for the Christmas season of this 2020? Undoubtedly, the end of the year will be important for businesses, especially those in the retail sector that have had to face the various conditions imposed by the pandemic, however, this is not a pretext to give up these last days. With some preparation, marketing can make businesses achieve good results, so this time we will see some tips that retailers can take advantage of.

According to Business2Community, these are the recommendations that businesses in the retail sector can follow to do marketing in the Christmas season that is to come:

Remind consumers of the value of local shopping and support for local businesses

This first recommendation for retailers is important as there has been a real movement among communities to make sure local businesses are supported. Now is the time for retailers to remind customers how much they appreciate their business and how much they have appreciated in the past months as new products, discounts and offers are introduced.

Upgrade your gift cards

As you may already know, this is the most popular time of year for gift cards and it is also the perfect time to make sure customers know what card and e-card options are available.

As the source shares, a popular way to promote and sell these cards is to offer one as a (lower value) gift when the buyer purchases a (higher value) one.

Offers easy and secure order pickup and delivery options

Since the pandemic is still present at this time of year, it is important to maintain social distance. A good way to do this and to make customers feel welcome in retail to buy products is to offer secure pickup and delivery options, for example, you can allow them to receive their purchases curbside. This way, they can do business with the store and at the same time feel that they are doing it safely.

Send catalogs and postcards that offer online ordering options

Many retail businesses use direct mail at this time of year to promote their holiday sales and end-of-year deals. By sending your catalogs and postcards directly to customers, they can have something tangible in their hands, as well as a visible reminder of the business. In that regard, it is important to make sure you add QR codes that link to the website so that your interest can be converted into increased website traffic and ultimately holiday shopping.

According to the source, this cross-media marketing approach can be effective as it responds to the target audience through multiple points of contact.

Provide something of value, such as a free promotional item

Finally, retail businesses must know that by giving a promotional product to their consumers they are fostering the relationship they have with this place beyond the purchase. Everyone will appreciate a free, functional gift, like a 2021 calendar or a promotional item. This will increase the visibility of the business and keep them continually in the know after the famous dates are over.