Christmas carols, in danger because of the coronavirus

Traditionally, the The arrival of Christmas meant the reunion of many of our relatives who are away from us during the rest of the year for various reasons. But nevertheless, in this 2020, on the occasion of the pandemic, it is difficult to enjoy festivities as it has been doing until now.

Some days ago, Fernando Simón, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), warned that the Ministry of Health is working to develop a document with which to increase measures on these special dates, with company dinners, family reunions greater than what is currently allowed and similar situations.

And, in addition, the coronavirus too will affect the mere harmless act of singing Christmas carols. This time, the fish will stay in the river instead of our houses. Singing, as is shouting or speaking loudly, is one of the acts that produce a greater emission of droplets and aerosols, capable of infecting by impact in the eyes, nostrils and mouth the former, or by inhalation the latter.

Christmas, the “perfect breeding ground” for the virus

For this reason, various specialists recommend in Nius that measures be taken to avoid a cascade of infections. One of them is Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former director of the WHO, who assures that it is “a perfect breeding ground for contagions to be unleashed, it has to be restricted.”

For his part, the doctor specializing in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Alberto Cruz, warns that on these dates there will be “a critical moment with all the ingredients of the equation”, referring to the accumulation of people, singing or speaking loudly, in a closed place for a long time. “It is a risk situation, especially due to the high percentage of the asymptomatic population.” In order to avoid this, he proposes to “sing outside or at a sufficient distance”.

A different Christmas

For López Acuña, the situation is clear: “We can’t have a regular Christmas”, and also advocates “eliminating or minimizing any act that involves emission of more particles. The arrival of this time is one of the most delicate situations since the beginning of the pandemic before the possible relaxation of measures by the population.

Nothing will happen for not singing a Christmas. We must stay in small groups, the family bubble, and have special care with those members who are not part of it“, emphasizes López Acuña. Meanwhile, Cruz indicates that this congregation of people for a long time” is going to exacerbate the production of aerosols. If there is any positive, there will be a viral load and, if we do not take measures, there will be infections“.