Christmas bonus, with or without a crisis, you must receive this benefit

If you are worried about the economic crisis that the world is going through due to the pandemic and you think that this may cause that this year they do not give you a Christmas bonus, the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor (Profedet) announced that this situation does not it is a justification for denying you this right, therefore you must receive it in a timely manner.

The first thing you have to know is that all workers have the right to receive this payment every year, before December 20, if this is not the case, the employer could receive a fine. At least they must give you the equivalent of 15 days of your salary.

Calculate how much you will receive as a bonus. Photo: Pixabay

In case you do not receive your bonus or it is less than what is stipulated, you can file a complaint with Profedet, where they will follow up on your case. If you still do not complete a year of work in the company where you are, you must receive the proportional part according to the time you have worked.

How to calculate how much you are going to receive? To know how much you will receive as a bonus, you must calculate what your daily salary is, this can be obtained by doing a simple operation: dividing the amount you receive from a monthly salary by 30. If in your case you worked more than a year, multiply the amount that he gave you For 15, the result is what you should receive as a bonus. If you have been working in the company for less than a year, the way you can know how much you are going to receive is as follows: multiply your daily salary by 15 and divide it by 365 (the days of the year), the result must be multiplied by the days that you have been working in the company to know how much you will receive.

The Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor recalled that in his case it offers guidance, counseling, conciliation and legal representation services for any case related to labor issues.

If you have any questions, you can call 800 911 7877; 800 717 2942 and 5559 98 2000, extensions 44740 and 44741, as well as email to receive the necessary attention.

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