Crazy in love since their meeting in 2017, Mr. Pokora (34 years old) and Christina Milian (38 years old) celebrated the anniversary of their first meeting on August 1, 2020 in the L’Opéra club in Saint-Tropez. It is no coincidence that the couple wanted to celebrate their love in this nightclub since it was inside it that they met for the first time three years ago. On Instagram, Violet’s mother (from her love with rapper The-Dream) even shared one of her first photographs with Mr. Pokora. In the caption, she writes: “Like it was yesterday. He was the sexiest guy I had met this summer. I had to! I regretted not having dressed more for this evening . But I didn’t expect to meet anyone on a Monday night … “

The missing piece of my puzzle

In the story, we also discover that Christina Milian sang her hit When You Look At Me for Mr. Pokora. An unforgettable evening for the parents of Isaiah (born January 20, 2020) that the American singer wanted to immortalize with an Instagram post. In the caption of a snapshot of this evening but also of the day they met, she wrote: “3 years and 4 summers ago, I met my best friend, my birthday twin and the missing piece of my puzzle right here where we are today (@loperasttropez) When we first met I was literally blown away the second I laid eyes on him and had no idea if I was his type! “

The chemistry and the sparks that fly everywhere!

Convinced that Mr. Pokora is her soul mate, she explains that she and Matt were also born on the same day (September 26) and that this “chance” brought them together a lot: “Somehow other, finding out that we had the same birthday turned a real physical attraction into an uncontrollable chemical reaction … I mean the alchemy and the sparks flying everywhere! Anyway, I mean all that to say … Happy “1st meeting” anniversary. I am very grateful and very happy that the stars aligned in our favor (plus I really prayed for this, My God!) I love our family and I am very glad we tried our luck! I love you! ” A definitely … magical evening!