Christina Milian is on vacation with her family. She posed at the Eiffel Tower with M Pokora and Violet.

Christina Milian is making the most of her vacation in France. The starlet posed near the Eiffel Tower with M Pokora, Violet and Isaiah.

Christina Milian gave birth to a baby boy several months ago. The starlet is very happy to be a mom once again. So, she took advantage of the confinement to take care of Isaiah and her daughter, Violet.

The starlet, however, wasted no time in leaving Los Angeles at the end of confinement. Indeed, for several weeks, she is with her darling M Pokora in France. The two stars have been in the South of France.

Christina Milian and M Pokora had a great time at the sea. Indeed, on social networks, fans got to see the singer very close to his stepdaughter. Matt and Violet get along wonderfully and they have bathed in the sea several times together.

Nevertheless, it seems that the star and her darling made a stopover in Paris. So, they visited the capital once again.

Christina Milian at the Eiffel Tower with her family!

M Pokora is very happy to spend the summer holidays in France. Thus, ihe can recharge his batteries and he has found many friends to him. Christina Milian gave her daughter Violet a tour of Paris and they posed together.

During one day, the star struck a pose near the Eiffel Tower. We find her with Violet right next to her and they are very close. Then, Matt holds Isaiah in his arms and the singer is very happy to take care of his son.

In any case, the photo is very beautiful and Christina Milian, M Pokora, Violet and Isaiah form a very nice family. The summer holidays seem to be going very well for them and they will keep fond memories.

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