April 3, 2020, Christian Quesada was sentenced to three years in prison for corruption of minors and the detention and dissemination of child pornography images and to five years of socio-judicial monitoring at the end of his sentence. The one who is still in pre-trial detention in the Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain) prison had not spoken since the verdict. But the 55-year-old father, who is one of the greatest champions of the 12 Coups de midi (TF1), could not be silent. He therefore sent a letter to Guillaume Genton, one of the members of Touche’s production, not at my post. (C8). A letter whose content was unveiled live on the air, this Wednesday, September 16.

Guillaume Genton was indeed present on the set of the program presented by Cyril Hanouna in order to relay the confidences of Christian Quesada. If he wrote directly to Guillaume Genton, it is because the latter made 2 documentaries on the case, broadcast on C8. The young man explained that as part of the making of these documentaries, he wrote to Christian Quesada, in prison, and that the latter has just answered him.

Guillaume Genton therefore read passages from this famous letter: “Do you really think that I am going to devote time to someone working for a channel where for 15 months you have not stopped handling media lynching, insults, pure defamation? and simple, and worse, slander, disregarding the most basic presumption of innocence? ” And to continue, “how can we tolerate that on your set, some of your colleagues, ask for the death penalty, or, 20 years of criminal imprisonment, without at any time someone intervening to bring back to the reason for these incredible ramblings “. Christian Quesada refers here to an intervention by Benjamin Castaldi who had indeed, at the time, mentioned in TPMP the death penalty concerning the accused.

Christian Quesada also wishes, in his letter to recall that the facts for which he was “arrested are certainly serious, condemnable, but remain offenses, punishable by correctional, which by hateful blindness (motivated by a race to buzz) is are transformed into a more virulent cathodic process than for Fourniret, Lelandais or Abdeslam “.

The Christian Quesada case erupted on March 25, 2019 when the ex-star of the 12 Coups de midi was arrested at his home in Ain. It all started after a young underage girl filed a complaint against him. She explained to the authorities that she had chatted on the internet with a boy posing as a minor and asking him to undress. Over the following weeks, hundreds of compromising images and videos of minors and children subjected to rape and sexual assault were found on Christian Quesada’s computers. The latter admitted the facts, but always denied having committed sexual assault. Last November, five new complaints were filed. And on December 2, 2019, the Lyon Court of Appeal announced that the ex-champion’s release request had been rejected. Confinement requires, Christian Quesada had been tried behind closed doors and by videoconference from the prison where he is imprisoned, while he had been released at the last minute by his lawyer.